Solo RAAM is much more than a test a a solo rider.  It is the whole crew who make the team, and having a great crew is vital to success in RAAM.  

I have been very fortunate over the years to always be supported by good crews, and this year I am really happy with the strength and experience we have.

Crew Chief: Charlie Combs

Charlie has been my crew chief since we first started RAAM in 2008. He himself is an accomplished RAAM racer, setting a 2 man team over 50’s record in 2009.

He has taken the lead in developing our strategy.  His attention to detail, as can be seen in the follow vehicle build outs, is second to none.  No stone is left unturned and he is constantly looking for ways to improve our performance.  

Without Charlie, my RAAM attempts would be nothing, and I can’t thank him enough for all he brings to the team.

Follow Team 1:

Along with Charlie, this team includes Jonathan Jahant and Eric Nafzinger.

Follow Team 2:

George Metzler

George has worked with Team Pattinson in a variety of ways over the years.  This is his second “15mph driving tour of the US” with Mark.  He’s also instrumental in the media team that brings you this blog each year.  In 2012, George was part of Team RoadWorx with Mark and Charlie.  The team captured first place in the 4-man RAW that year.

Ben Lee

Ben brings a PhD in environmental physiology to the game.  He studies the effects extreme environments on athletic performance.  He has coached Mark for two years and previously crewed on Mark’s 2010 RAAM effort.

Ken Runyan

The RV Crew:

David Bundrick. This is Dave’s 6th RAAM Crewing experience which means he’s seen a LOT.  Dave has been on two or Mark’s previous RAAMs and all three of Kevin Kaiser’s RAAM Crews. 

Richard Waugh  returns to Team Pattinson for a third RAAM.  Richard is also a RAAM finisher having completed two man RAAM with crew chief Charlie Combs in 2009.

John Welch has crewed on every one of Mark’s RAAMs (this will be the 5th) plus two RAAM’s for other riders.  John also keeps Mark’s bicycles in tip top shape during RAAM.