Solo RAAM is much more than a test a a solo rider.  It is the whole crew who make the team, and having a great crew is vital to success in RAAM.  

I have been very fortunate over the years to always be supported by good crews, and this year I am really happy with the strength and experience we have.

Crew Chief: Charlie Combs  

Charlie Combs

Charlie has been my crew chief since we first started RAAM in 2008. He himself is an accomplished RAAM racer, setting a 2 man team over 50’s record in 2009.

He has taken the lead in developing our strategy, and as can bee seen follow vehicle build outs and attention to detail, he leaves no stone unturned and is constantly looking for ways to improve our performance.  

Without Charlie, my RAAM attempts would be nothing, and I can’t thank him enough for all he brings to the team.

Rob Adams:  

Rob AdamsRob also has crewed in RAAM for me twice before, and  I have been fortunate to ride with Rob many times, especially this year, where I joined his triathlon club for their winter training ride in Nevada in February.

Rob brings a vast array of experience from Ironman Triathlons, and we are lucky to have him along again in 2013.

David Bundrick:  

David Bundrick

David is new to our crew this year, but not new to RAAM.  He has crewed on Kevin Kaiser’s 3 very successful RAAM’s and brings a wealth of new ideas and experience from those adventures.

Mike Ettinger:  

Mike Ettinger

I have known Mike for nearly 20 years, and whilst he is new to crewing for RAAM he brings a pragmatic and analytic approach to all things he does, along with a entertaining persona.  Mike has played a variety of sports all his life and will be sure to add to the team in many ways.

Dan Medina:  Dan has crewed for me many times, in 2 prior RAAM’s and other ultracycling events.  A very popular crew member who always has good advice and someone I have been able to lean on when times have got there toughest during RAAM.  I’m very happy to have Dan back to crew again this year.

Will Pennino:  

Will Pennino

WIll has supported me since I started racing back in 2006.  Through his shop (Roadworx) in Long Island and now with his relocation to Boulder,CO he has always been the guy to take care of my bikes and equipment.  Will raced last year on our RAW 4 man team and put in some staggering splits through the race.  Its great to have him along for the race this year, and his experience will be invaluable.

LynnAnne Vesper:  


(Masseuse)The is LynnAnne’s first RAAM crewing adventure, but she is a veteran of Pactour.  She just came off a 17 day Transcontinental Elite Pactour, where she had 28 riders to keep on the road, so we are very confident of her abilities to keep just myself rolling along.

John Welch:

John Welch

John has also crewed for all 3 of my previous RAAMs.  This year John also was the lynchpin of my May training schedule, joining Charlie and myself in the desert, and then with me as I trained through the Blue Ridge Mountains.   John is a steady hand in a crisis and knows how to get the job done in the right way.

Alex Williams:  

Alex Williams

This is Alex’s first experience with RAAM. Alex is not only a crew member he is also a documentary filmmaker and the owner of Videotrekker Films ( a travel/adventure video production company. Alex will be filming and editing from the chase van to keep everyone up to date on Marks progress.

Media Team:

Andrew Mead:

Andrew Mead

Andrew has been following RAAM for many years and was on my RAAM2011 media team.  A life-long wheeled-vehicle enthusiast, Andrew is currently an active long-distance cyclist with the Pennsylvania Randonneurs.  When he’s not blogging here or riding his own bike, Andrew is owns a law practice where he is a patent attorney.

George Metzler: 

Geroge Metzler

George is a huge fan of cycling, RAAM, and Mark Pattinson.  He has qualified for RAAM multiple times through the Elite PAC Tour, 24 hour Sebring Race, and the ADK540.  George crewed for Mark in RAAM 2011 and rode with Mark and fellow crew members Charlie and Will in the 2012 Race Across the West.  George’s day job is managing a residential remodeling company.

Tom Rosenbauer: Tom  was also on my RAAM2011 media team.  In addition to chronicling events like RAAM, Tom is both a long distance cycling participant and organizer.  As a rider, he has completed PBP and cycled across the USA with PacTour.  As an organizer,  he is the Regional Brevet Administrator (RBA) for Eastern Pennsylvania.